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Uber on Google Maps
google maps

Google Maps is free online map service provided by Google which can be found at On the site we can see the geographic information in almost all regions of the earth. The service is interactive, because in it the map can be shifted as the user desires, change the zoom level, and change the appearance of the map. Google maps also offer maps that can be dragged and images setelit for the whole world, as well as offering travel route.

Now you can order a vehicle Uber via Google Maps. It is possible further cooperation between digital map applications and applications that ride-sharing. This update, launched in stages since January 12 last for Android users. However, not all users can enjoy up to now.

To find out if you are among those starting to get this update, immediately update the Maps app in the app store Play Store. Then, go to the Maps application as usual. You will see a new interface that is simpler. Next, enter your starting location and destination location. Select the option to use ride-sharing. Uber icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can order UberX, UberBlack, UberPool, or UberMotor. Finally, press the Request and Uber will find the driver for you.

This mechanism will make your life easier in of transport. No longer need to search for an address in Maps to then switch to the Uber booking application. Maps already can play doubles.

Source : Google.comĀ 

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