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Google My Business

Google My Business is from google app that acts to showcase our business in google map. This app was formerly named google place. We know google map certainly help us in the search for the road in the middle of dense urban areas. By using the google map we can find certain businesses that have been verified by Google.

Google applications abroad my business is growing rapidly. Many of the business owner to hire expert internet marketer or SEO to make his business could appear in google map through google my business. Not without reason the business owner would like to appear on google through google my business.

When we have verified google my business the benefits is that we will easily find our prospective customers, either through search engine google and google map. In addition we can make the operating hours of the business, type of business, full address and contact numbers to call our customers.

In other words we can sell in two worlds at once that in the real world and the virtual world (google my business). With so many reasons a business owner menghasbiskan little funds to be performed in google map through google my business. But remember google map and google my business is different but interconnected. After we register in google my business and have been approved (verified) by google then our business will automatically appear in the google map.

Google Indonesia launched when the available information about businesses on Google , it is easier for customers to find everything about a business online, such as store hours , contact information , and driving directions . Verified business information may appear on Google Maps , helping customers find directions to your business with ease . Google Indonesia believe that if the business continues to strive to make its business more visible on the web , will make customers more familiar with the business.

Because, in the study data Consumer Barometer 2014, revealed that 28% of Indonesian people make purchases directly from their smartphone . The figure was up 50 % from last year , which means the target consumers that exist in cyberspace will continue to grow from year to year .


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