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When you hear “bitcoin”, what’s on your mind? Yes, bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be used to online transaction. If you ask how this form of currency, clearly that shape not like a phisycal currency issued by a bank and not a currency of a country.

The form of currency is just like ordinary general files. The file is encryption of unique codes that make it defferent with others. Like mp3 or word file that you have on your computer, bitcoin files can be stored in a computer or in flashdisk or software called Digital Bitcoin Wallet. Beside that bitcoin can also be stored in storage service on the internet bitcoin socially like a Cloud.

According to some sources, the history of the birth of bitcoin began in 2007. A computer ecperts try to develop a new virtual currency system are not bound by any side or authority. The name of man is Satoshi Nakamoto. The man from Japan is claimed for develop bitcoin for 2 years and started to take it off in the Internet world in 2009 and spread until now. However, there are some experts who said that the inventor is a fictious name and no real person with that name. However, spite of his many stories circulating now there are people who using bitcoin for transaction. And bitcoin more intense even touching the virtual community in Indonedia.

The advantages of bitcoin as payment tool is simple and concise. Bitcoin constitute of transaction tool by person and only people who hold can use it. In addition to using it, we do not need to include personal information such as the currency of the bank or other online transaction accounts. This of course give the security for information of the owner.

Which become a loss of the use of bitcoin is because the shape just like a file, allowing bitcoin become damaged, lost or deleted if anything happen to the device where we save the bitcoin. And the greatest weakness is that bitcoin is a transaction tool is present because there is a will and trust of the user. So in certain time bitcoin could really not worth because there is no one wants to use the currency.

Bitcoin currency is indeed a result of the development of e-commerce technology. And for those of you who are a principal e-commerce is okay to follow and understand more about the current development, but the important thing is the security of your transaction. That’s all.


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