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Google Translate on Camera

Google Translate on Camera Every country has their own languages. Although English can be the international language, much less in understanding the language of another country is not it? Something like that may be, it is the main reason Google created the app translate (translation), which you can access using a smartphone.

More recently, Google had just given an update to the application.  The latest version of Google Translate 5.7 provides convenience, to perform the translation process only through the camera. Although these features never mind a long time, now, Instant Camera features can be used to translate Japanese into English.

Certainly very easy is not it? Because the Japanese also often be in the spotlight, to be given immediate addition of this one feature.

Quite easy, you just need update Google Translate to the latest version. After that, download to offline mode Japanese and English, which can be a mainstay of you.

Then, if you want to want to interpret, just use the camera and see if souvenirs that are at the bottom corner of the green or not. So automatically, the Japanese language will be changed to English.

Easy, right? Of course, there are a variety of other languages ​​that will get the features of Instant Camera.

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