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When we talk about the internet,website inside that. Many of website offer everything we find and need. Some people create and use website for business and other for hobbies and anything else. Each website has a unique name.

Then it will not escape the domain name and webhosting. This is the main thing that must be had when you create a website, whatever it is. Domain name it is very important for someone running business.

Do you know where the names are? And what is it called? Yes, that called domain and where to have it. Every one will surely be lookingfor the best deals with the best service, then Namecheap one to see.

What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is a company established in 2000 engaged in web hosting concurrently accredited ICANN registrar. Richard Kirkendall founded a company called Namecheap, with the thought that the average person on the internet deserves a domain with cheap prices and stellar service. Now namecheap become a leading webhosting and until now they have about 3 million costumers and more than 7 million domain under management. So amazing.

Namecheap offers several products such as domain names with best prices in the undustry, with full featured hosting packages, webhosting, SSL certificates, Whois Gurad privacy protection services, and they also provides email and website builder. They offering various services with 24 hour support and thirthy day money back guarantee.

For you website manager or wapsite, would want to have webhosting / TLD domain itself is affordable.

Incidentally you came and please read the review about Namecheap.

Advantages of buying webhosting / domain in Namecheap:

  • Affordable price (Not including discount).
  • There are no hidden charges. The price listed is the price to pay.
  • Fast and easy process (supported by reliable programmers).
  • Free Whois Guard.
  • Hide the identity of the domain name owner.
  • Free private email for 2 months.

Its more like Namecheaps excess.

For the price of webhosting is varied and the lowest is $ 3.45 per month and for the lowest domain price is only $ 3.98 per year.

After all, there is no such thing as a “best” web host with spesific. The “best” is the right fit for your project. Like based on your budget, goals, experience & expertise.

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